The exhibition on our river native species and the threats of invasive alien species has been placed in 11 schools and high schools during first half of 2018

Gaspar de Queralt school
Narcís Xifra, secondary school
FEDAC Pont Major school
Anton Busquets i Punset, secondary school
Vall de Llémena, secondary school

The exhibition, drawn up from the LIFE Potamo Fauna project "Conservation of river fauna of Community interest in the Natura 2000 network sites of the Ter, Fluvià and Muga river basins” -ending at the end of 2017-, it has been offered free of charge at the different educational schools in the River Ter basin during the first half of 2018. There has been a great demand and, finally, it has been able to place it in 11 schools and high schools. Moreover, 18 guided tours have been made with a talk about it.

Those school centers have been (by order of roaming): Escola Gaspar de Queralt from Amer, Institut Castell d'Estela from Amer; Institut Narcís Xifra from Girona; Escola Cor de Maria from La Bisbal d'Empordà; Institut Montsoriu, from Arbúcies; escola FEDAC Pont Major from Girona; Institut Anton Busquets i Punset from Sant Hilari Sacalm; Escola Joan Maragall from Ripoll; Institut Vall de Llémena from Sant Gregori; Escola Juncadella from La Cellera de Ter; and Institut de Gurb from Gurb.

This exhibition is made up of 14 panels and allows working issues about different native species of our rivers such as the Crayfish, the European Pond Turtle or the Naiads. It also allows awareness about the threats of invasive species. In addition, the schools, in order to complete the exhibition with the students, they have didactic dossiers aimed at 3rd and 4th grade students and 1st and 2nd year of High School (ESO).

The Consorci del Ter will continue offering the exhibition in schools and high schools during the next 2018-2019 school year.

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