Other LIFE Projects

Project LIFE that work with invasive and allien species:

• Project LIFE + Nature: Control of aquatic invasive species and restore natural communities in Ireland.
• LIFE00NAT/EE/7081: Recovery of the European mink (Mustela lutreola) in Estonia : In captivity and island populations.
• LIFE07/NAT/IRL/000342: Restoration of the lower River Mulkear for the conservation of sea lamprey, Atlantic salmon and European otter.
• LIFE03 NAT/P/000013: Habitat Recovery for Azores Chaffinch in Pico da Vara - Ribeira do Guiherme Portugal.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000064: Development and demonstration eradication and control methods of an invasive species: Carybdea marsupialis in the Mediterranean.
• LIFE EmysTer: Recovery of the habitat for amphibians and Emys orbicularis in the Baix Ter.

Project LIFE naiads (river mussels) at national and European level:


• LIFE02NAT/D/8458: Large freshwater mussels of the genus Unionoidea in the Border Zone of Bavaria - Saxony - Czech Republic.
• LIFE04/NAT/SE/000231: Manual Restoration of freshwater mussels and their habitats in Sweden.
• LIFE Project Conservation of threatened naiad Margaritifera auricularia in EbreRiver (Catalonia).

Other projects LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity at the state level:

• LIFE08 NAT/E/000055: Restoration of habitats of Community interest in estuaries of the Basque Country.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000062: Actions to combat the illegal use of poison in the in wild areas in Spain.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000068: Conservation and management of special protection areas for steppe birds in Andalusia.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000078: Improvement of habitats and species of the Natura 2000 network of Banyoles: A demonstration project.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000072: Recovery of riparian habitats of the River Ter (Riparia-Ter). Consorci Alba-Ter.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000075: Management and conservation of Osmoderma eremita, Rosalia alpina and other saproxílics of community interest in Gipuzkoa.
• LIFE08 NAT/E/000077: Circuit settling of residual salts and ecological recovery in the NaturalPark of the Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja.